Monster Catcher

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This is an augmented reality gaming app designed for kids. Monster Catcher helps kids get over their fear of monsters and go to sleep independently. Monster Catcher app also provides a chance for parents to play with their kids. Children can use the camera to look around their bedroom in Monster Catcher, and they will find a monster somewhere, for example, under their bed. After finding out the monster, kids can interact with the monster, drag it to the classified monster planet. The bedroom will be clean again with no more monsters. Finally, kids will have a good night sleep without worrying about a monster hidden under their bed.


Scenario in daily life

Bedtime plays a special and memorable part of a little one's day. However, for some kids, fear and anxiety set in after turning off the light and saying goodnight, meaning that the bedtime routine could be a bedtime battle bothering the entire family. Some children mention that, they are afraid to sleep because they're afraid of monsters hidden inside the bedroom. At night, they can't fall in sleep without parents and light. Even after they fall asleep, they could have a nightmare. Such sleep problem also make parents crazy, especially after a long day of work.


1. Design cute graphics for the monster to make the kids less scared.
2. Allow kids to catch monsters and send them away and tell kids when the room is cleared of monsters.
3. Create a happy time when kids can stay with parents before they fall asleep.

Key words

Cute / Interesting / Educational / Interactive / Peaceful


1. Use the Camera to look around the room, and a monster will be displayed using AR technology.
2. Interact with the monster before sending them back to their planet.
3. Kids can open the Monster Book to see the monster's stories.
4. Collect the complete species of monsters.
5. The monster planets function like a jar, and kids can see all monsters that they catched.
1. There are four monster planets: Timberland, Waterland, Lavaland, and Iceland.
2. Monsters appeared in the order of rarity. Some of the monsters are superior and rarer than others.
3. If you drag the monster to the wrong planet, it will escape.
4. You can only catch one monster each day.

1.2 How to catch a monster?

Use the camera to look around, the monster will appear somewhere once per day.  Kick the monster to their own planet. There are four planet: Timberland, Waterland, Lavaland, and Iceland. The video demonstrates how to catch a monster:


Target Audience

Why Tablet?

Use the camera to look around, the monster will appear somewhere once per day. Drag the monster to their own planet. There are four planets: Timberland, Waterland, Lavaland, and Iceland.

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Monsters' Sample

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Monster Planets Page
Timerland / Waterland / Lavaland / Iceland

Home Page & Monster's Fairtale Book Page

6. Prototype

Try the Monster Cather.
Prototype by Invision.