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Nature Lab is about merging the worlds of digital and physical play, merging handcraft with digital technology. It’s for anyone looking for a faithful DIY experience in the world of modern video gaming.
Nature Lab is an educational toy that aims to illustrate the four seasons. Take out the pieces from the four season illustration board and pair the pieces with the corresponding slot on the plastic board to make “Slides”. Use the cardboard to build the Nature Lab Microscope. Follow the instructions to put the phone up as a lens and insert the slides into the supporter plate from the lower side. Open Artvive and use the camera to scan the slide, the education video will be pop out and tell you the story about the season fragment.
Nature Lab is an experience where creating and building are just as much fun as playing. It eases you into this world: at the beginning, you’re simply folding cardboard.

Institution: Tyler School of Art

Art Direction: Dermot Mac Cormack

Date: 2020 Spring



- 3 Cardboards
(which can build the Nature Lab Microscope and Slides Holder)
- 4 Season's boards
(which has 16 fragments for slides)
- 1 plastic board
(which has 12 pieces of slides)

How to play it?

Step 1

1. Take out season boards and plastic board from the Nature Lab box.
2. Take out pieces from season boards and plastic slides from plastic board.
2. Put the pieces on the plastic slides.
3. Match the season pieces with the plastic slides to make season slides.

Step 2

1. Take off the card boards from the box.
2. Follow the guideline to build this Nature Lab Microscope and Slides Holder by using the cardboard.

Step 3

1. Insert the season slide you made earlier into the base below of the Nature Lab Microscope.
2. Put your phone on the top, open Artivive to scan the slide.
3. Enjoy your video about the secrets of seasons!